Triumph Over Trauma 2

Triumph Over Trauma 2

Simone Dawson discusses what to expect post lockdown and strategies to keep trauma at bay.

Louise Bedford Mindpower

When is enough, enough?

Some people doing well in the market can still feel impoverished.

We can be so critical of ourselves, we don’t realise that being compassionate with ourselves is the thing that will drive us forward.

Quantify how much money you need to live.


Simone Dawson

When panic and trauma set in, what can we do?

Simone offers strategies to fight trauma and keep in balance, a good diet, sleep, mindfulness and connection with others.

Simone then talks about what is going to happen as we adjust to our post lockdown states and how we might be feeling.

At 15.30 mins she defines lockdown hypesthesia and its effects, apathy, sluggishness, a little bit of self-doubt, perhaps missing entry and exit signals.

But traders are smart, motivated, go-getters, so how are you going to turn Covid on its head to motivate you? (19.08 mins)

Simone is offering Talking Trading listeners three coaching sessions. Triumph Over Trauma package, a customised “Triumph Plan”. Have your first session with Simone and if you don’t like it walk away.

Contact her on or call her mobile number on 0422 006 932.


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