Tribute to Dr Harry Stanton

Tribute to Dr Harry Stanton

We honour the passing of a great man, renowned psychologist Dr Harry Stanton.

Dr Harry Stanton

Today we honour psychologist Dr Harry Stanton.

Co-author of Let the Trade Wins Flow, peak performance coach and dear personal friend of Louise Bedford’s, Harry died at the age of 88 in his home town of Hobart.

Harry’s career was built on improving people’s self-esteem, his speciality was morale-building, self-empowerment and performance enhancement.

Among many of Harry’s professional experiences include his role in counselling survivors of the Port Arthur massacre and the victim’s families. He also worked with elite athletes and traders to build their performance and systematic trading approach.

harry louise chrisAt 1.35 mins hear Louise Bedford’s tribute to Dr Harry Stanton and what he meant to her as a personal friend.  At 6.45 mins hear Harry’s legacy on Talking Trading and at 9 mins hear an excerpt of his final interview on Talking Trading where we said goodbye for the last time.

Dr Harry we remember you in our hearts, thank you for the light you shared on Talking Trading and your legacy to the world.


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