The former translator to the Dalai Lama discusses how traders can strengthen their minds for the markets and truly enjoy success.

The wisdom of the Himalayas comes to Talking Trading this week with Gyutu monk and ex-translator to the Dalai Lama, Sonam Rigzin as he discusses the power of the human mind and its impact on share trading. Enjoy his accent absorb his wisdom and get ready be inspired.


Sonam RigzinSonam Rigzin – Former translator to the Dalai Lama

The game of SURVIVAL and competition pushes human beings towards fear and selfishness.

Conquering this instinct with compassion, altruism and thinking of others enables you to truly know the depths of your mind and experience fearlessness and confidence in trading and in all areas of your life.

In thinking of others the poisons of resentment, sadness, grief, anger and insecurity dissolve and allow constructive emotions such as generosity to arise.

The power of GENEROSITY is not in how much you give away but how much you ENJOY the process of giving without expectation of anything coming back to you. This gives you feelings of LIBERATION and FREEDOM.

Trading is a game, a profitable game where great rewards are reaped; when traders fully grasp the impermanence of the game they will feel an inner strength and a deeper self-assurance.

As Sonam says Share traders are true spiritual masters because they take risks all the time and can truly master their minds.’




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