Trading University

Trading University

Trading Game Boardroom graduate Mahlah Ludekens on what the next level taught her and Louise Bedford on L-plate trading and being a beginner.

Louise Bedford- Mindpower

Remember when you learnt to drive?

There was a feeling of being out of control and not knowing what you were doing.

Just like learning to drive, every single trader was once a beginner. And your trading plan is as sacrosanct as road rules, it is your key to earning superior profits in the markets.



Mahlah Ludekens

You have got the basics of ‘The Mentor Program’ but, you want to take your trading to the next level and become a ‘super trader’.

The Trading Game ‘Boardroom’ is called the university for traders where you get customised private sessions with Chris Tate and Louise Bedford to discuss to your trading plan, a trading community to support you, and the opportunity to refine your skills.

Mahlah discusses how ‘The Boardroom’ became the second half of her trading journey.

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