A Trader’s super Power – Sleep 2

A Trader’s super Power – Sleep 2

Keep maximising your sleep for optimal performance with Dr Frank Cahill.

Louise Bedford – Unsung Hero

Leanne has already been a guest on Talking Trading but Louise wants to draw attention to her personal qualities.

Leanne, you are becoming the trader we knew you could be. You never gave up and your results have been spectacular.


Dr Frank Cahill

Having trouble getting your Zzzzzzs?

We continue discussing strategies to improve your sleep and be at one with your mattresses.

We look at sleep hygiene and how it works including the role blue light and i-phones play in messing up your melatonin (4 mins).

We talk about managing sleep anxiety and strategies to reset yourself and calm yourself to drift off to sleep (6 mins) as well as the place relaxation and mindfulness have during the day.

And we talk about sleeping pills, how to manage them and how to get off them (10.45 mins).

Finally, we discuss snoring and sleep apnoea (15.10 mins).

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