A Trader’s Super Power – Sleep

A Trader’s Super Power – Sleep

Maximise your sleep for peak optimal performance with Dr Frank Cahill and Louise Bedford on 5 ways we waste money.

Louise Bedford   Mindpower

Whether you are saving up for your initial trading equity or developing discipline around your money habits here are 5 main ways we waste money.




Dr Frank Cahill

Dr Frank Cahill specialises in making people at one with their mattresses and we had a fascinating discussion on how to make the most of your Zzzzs.

At 6.30mins we look at what sleep is and how much people need and then how REM is the emotional washing machine of the mind.

Then at 9.10mins, we look at the impact of pre-midnight sleep and at 12.20 mins techniques to switch off that MONKEY MIND when you go to bed.

You will love his voice and what he has to say.

To find out more about Frank and Sleep with Confidence go to:



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