Shake Up Your Trading

Shake Up Your Trading

Do you have an interest in prop trading? Pavel Dusek shares on how it can shake things up for traders and Louise Bedford on the science behind risk-taking for traders.

Mindpower – Louise Bedford

Louise shares two fascinating studies on risk-taking and heart rates while trading.

Ever heard of toxoplasmosis? After this segment, you won’t forget it.



A Little Trading – Chris Tate

We ask CT what on earth is a “bid-ask spread”?





Pavel Dusek FTMO

Pavel discusses what prop trading is, how it works (10.30 mins) and how FTMO prop traders work from their home locations all over the world.

At 12.15 mins he looks at what sort of trader tends to make it and the trading personalities which tend to be more effective.

At 14.55 mins he talks on how traders avoid burnout and the importance of keeping a vision.

And finally, Pavel discusses the advantages of prop trading and how it can shake things up for people with capitalisation.  (19.02 mins)

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