Trading Tips from The Wizard of Words

Trading Tips from The Wizard of Words

From a rebel without a clue to copywriter supreme, this episode features Pete Godfrey. Pete is Australia’s Wizard of Words and here he reveals the secrets to his success. He’s a bit of a closet philosopher, our Pete is. His thoughts can be related directly to trading… especially the part about when to go public with your dreams… Plus, you’ll adore hearing Gary Stone’s views. Gary is the founder of Sharewealth Systems and he discusses trading tips with Louise Bedford. You’ll hear how to get the most from the US and Australian markets. All of this and more… including the Market Wrap by Aaron Lynch.



Australian and US markets are pushing into blue-sky territory with strong performances last week. The US markets is at record highs with the Aussie market doing its best to push out from its sideways band. Aaron’s trading tip this week is to focus on quality not quantity. Are we out of congestion yet? Aaron will tell you in this revealing segment…

Aaron Lynch is a Market Analyst at OptionsXpress Australia by Charles Schwab and Chief Strategist for Safety in the Market. He has presented seminars around the globe based on a technical approach to trading primarily in the commodities sector.


Pete Godfrey – Journey to Success

The Wizard of Words was a rebel without a clue. He left school at 15 and is now one of the most in demand copywriters and sales strategists in Australia. He shares the secrets behind his journey to success and advice to anyone chasing a dream. Be inspired be charmed by this fair dinkum Aussie bloke.

We know you’re going to love Pete so much that you’re going to want to subscribe to his free blog.

Because, as Louise Bedford says: “This man has changed the way I have harnessed the power of self-talk. You need to focus on everything he has to say.”


gary stoneGary Stone – Cafe Conversations

Over coffee with Louise Bedford (from The Trading Game), Gary Stone gives the low down on what is happening in today’s Australian and US markets. He also highlights the importance of diversification and maintaining a trading strategy in more than one market… as Louise points out, a stable stool has three legs.

Gary can be found at

Plus, you’ll hear why Louise is super-excited about next week’s episode. She’s practically jumping out of her skin and you’ll never guess why…

Listen to this week’s episode to find out.



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