Bones Not Loans – Free Trading Advice to Fuel Your Profits


This episode unveils the financial illiteracy of many high level professionals and why even being a surgeon does not guarantee you financial serenity in life. We also hear from speakers at this year’s Australian Investors Association conference. Free Trading Advice to fuel your profits to even greater heights.



The Australian equities markets have consolidated and Jono expects them to head to the topside. With Europe starting to slow, China not doing as well as it should but the US travelling well, stimulation will be in the economy for longer.

Jono’s trading tips … sit solid and trade on the long side.



Two out of three orthopaedic surgeons retire on not enough money. Associate Professor Nigel Hope unveils how this is possible and discusses the financial illiteracy of many high level professionals. Whilst the glory of the halo effect is prevalent, the devil of debt is universal, and the answer is trading education.


AIA Conference – Colin Nicholson

Louise Bedford (from The Trading Game) catches up with Colin Nicholson at this year’s Australian Investors Association Conference to discuss his new book Think Like the Great Investors, and finds out what it was that all the great investors have done.

Events coordinator Donna Meadows also shares why this year’s AIA conference has been a raging success.


In Trading Trivia, find out the first widely owned piece of stock.





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