SECRETS OF THE ORIENT – Free Trading Advice from the Master of the Markets

SECRETS OF THE ORIENT – Free Trading Advice from the Master of the Markets

This episode features free trading advice from the Father of Modern Candlesticks Steve Nison. You’ll hear how he brought candlestick charting from Japan to the West. Be riveted by their history, fascinated by their power and learn first hand how they revolutionized technical analysis and changed the course of trading history. Also find out what our markets are doing this week.


Market Wrap – Jonathan Barratt

With the US markets going to new highs and some people thinking it could go higher, the Australian market is still treading water.

With Putin rearing his ugly head, geopolitical events in Syria, Iraq and the Ukraine will strongly influence which direction the market will go. Hear Jono’s trading tips for the week.


Steve Nison – The Father of Modern Candlesticks

Steve Nison brought candlestick charting to the west. He revolutionised technical analysis by igniting flames of interest in candlesticks and lighting a new path for traders.

These previously hidden Secrets of the Orient are now the most popular charting method in the world. They also lit the way for Louise Bedford who in the year 2000 popularised their use in Australia with the release of her book The Secret of Candlestick Charting.

In this interview Steve reveals how he brought candlestick charting from Japan, their fascinating history, the pride he feels in his accomplishments and the trading strategy he gives to the bold souls who trade the share market.

Get to know candlesticks intimately with this rare opportunity to listen to the man who brought them to us and changed our trading screens forever.

Visit Steve’s website at for a free e-book and free market updates.



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