Trading System Confidence

Trading System Confidence

Check if your trading system is ticking all the right boxes with Adrian Reid from Enlightened Stock Trading and Louise Bedford tells her ‘TA DA’ moment and why the best traders yell ‘TA DA’ with their arms in the air.

Mindpower – Louise bedford

Every good trader has a ‘TA DA’ moment.

The markets burnish your RESILIENCE.

The heap of piranha bites from the bulls and bears can erode your confidence and self esteem.

But best traders pick themselves up dust themselves off and yell ‘TA DA’ with their arms in the air.

Adrian Reid

The ONE thing you can do to boost your results is SYSTEMATIC TRADING.

It sidesteps the ups and downs of human emotions and removes yourself from the equation.

But a systematic trader has to be honest.

A good systematic trader is accountable for the results of their system as well as analysing and measuring their performance. A trading system that is vague and nebulous will simply not cut the mustard.

Adrian goes through setting up and documenting your trading system rules; executing them as expected; what to look for when you are back testing; data collection, the problem of curve fitting and the importance of having stability of an edge.

If you are interested in building your confidence in your trading system download Adrian’s trading confidence cheat sheet with all the steps Adrian goes through for every single trading system he uses go to:


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