Trading Nut

Trading Nut

Get ready to be nutty with podcaster Cam Hawkins on what successful traders have in common, wacky market theories and crazy ways to cure money conniptions. Louise Bedford on what to expect during a transition period and how to treat yourself as you learn.

Mindpower – Louise Bedford

How to treat yourself when you are transitioning and learning something new in life and how long it might take to master pulling fat profits from the markets.




Cam Hawkins

Cam has interviewed over 150 successful traders and not surprisingly Cam and I had a lot in common.

From all his interviews he had some observations to make.

The really successful traders have passed the barrier where it is no longer about the money.

It is about the passion.

Successful traders fall in love with the charts, the markets and everything about it. They methodically back test, they have a morning trading routine, they build a habit.

Hear some of the craziest theories about the stock market Cam has heard including the one where the world is ruled by The Empire (yes just like in Star Wars), as well as the funniest psychology hack Cam has come across.

His own mentor in fact, who spent 20 minutes yelling at $20 note in front of his computer desk and was remarkably cured of his some of his psychological conniptions.

To hear Cam and his podcast go to:


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