Finding Your ‘Y’

Finding Your ‘Y’

Fall in love with Shar Moore this week the woman who was destined to be a child bride at age 11 but now travels the world inspiring people to find their purpose.  Her story is captivating and she will inspire you to swallow the sun. Hear Louise Bedford’s research into women’s primal fears and how they impact trading.

LOUISE BEDford – Mindpower

Did you know one in two women in the USA fear they will live as bag ladies?

And this primal fear has to do with women’s evolutionary roots.

It is the fear of being ostracized from the cave and thrown out into the wild without support, protection or shelter.

Fast forward a few thousand years and women can call their own shots, but those primal fears still linger.

Hear how they impact your trading.


Shar Moore

At age 11 Shar was destined to be a child bride.

She was an Indian girl growing up in country Victoria wearing an engagement ring to school.

But her step-father intervened and she has since dedicated her life to paying it forward.

She is a key-note speaker, mentor and publisher of YMagazine and she travels the world inspiring people to find their why.

As she says ‘When you know your why it is like you swallow the sun and you shine this amazing light onto everyone around you.’

And Shar asks you why do your feet touch the ground every morning?

Shar’s story is beautiful and she will captivate you with her purpose.

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