Trading Profits

Trading Profits

Con Bochrinis has generated massive returns from his 4-hourly system, and Chris Tate looks at what diversification means for him.

A Little Trading

You will love this explanation of precisely what diversification means for Chris Tate.

Hear his great brain on modern portfolio theory, replicating the index and making as much money possible as a trader.



Con BochRinis

Con spent the last 12 months developing his 4 hourly system and the last 7 months sharing his system with Trading Game Alumni Forum and posting his live trades.

He has worked his system to a tee and his returns have been spectacular.

He describes the mechanics of his system, how long it takes to trade and the level of mature emotional detachment necessary.

And he talks about his results, his most profitable trades and how the 4 hourly system has been an alternative income stream which has provided his family with time and choices.

One thing is for sure, it will be a bright future for Con’s children.

The Mentor Program is Open

Hear where Con learned how to put together his incredibly profitable trading system.

It was through the Trading Game Mentor Program.

We’re about to close off bookings, so click here now to get involved.

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