Trading Blocks

Trading Blocks

Move out of your comfort zone and fuel your profits in this episode.

Fear is the number one thing which keeps people out of the markets. Hear Jason McIntosh on how even professional traders feel fear and Louise Bedford asks which trading stumbling blocks apply to you. Chris Tate looks at how the world markets are performing.

Louise Bedford Mindpower

Which of these trading stumbling blocks apply to you?

  1. Holding your breath
  2. Talking your book
  3. Not examining the trades you didn’t take.

If you change them you will fuel your profits.


Chris Tate

The US market has hit new highs and Europe is trending.

We look at what trades Chris has on at the moment and he reveals a rare trading error he made recently.



Jason McIntosh

Do you think it is just everyday traders who feel fear?

Think again.

With this story hear how even professional traders have to push their comfort zones.

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