Millionaire’s Mindset 2

Millionaire’s Mindset 2

Rik Schnabel on what the wealthy do differently from the poor. Chris Tate on the awesome power of your subconscious and Louise Bedford on the naming your profession so it smacks with power.


How you describe your occupation to those you love has a big impact on them and you. It can make all the difference between them having respect for your choices rather than thinking you are less than.

What is your title? Name the thing you want to be and use it so people know who you are and what you do.


A Little Trading

What is one thing people can do today to improve their mindset for trading?

Chris recommends Owning your own Shadow a Jungian psychology book and takes a look at the power your subconscious holds over everything you do, including driving your performance in the market.



Rik Schnabel

In part 2 of this interview, we look at the WHO and HOW of the healthy mindset of wealth creation and how to continue sowing those seeds which lead you to financial prosperity.

At 9.42 mins Rik talks about the power of a role model and finding someone has created the success you want to create.

Then at 11.06 mins hear the HOW of building wealth and the power of asking good questions.

At 12.33 mins hear the different ways of thinking between the wealthy and the poor and hear the key characteristics of a wealthy archetype of someone who has mastered the art of making money. (14.13 mins)

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