Millionaire’s Mindset

Millionaire’s Mindset

How do you sow those seeds of wealth in your mindset and become a millionaire? Life coach Rik Schnabel on the healthy mindset of wealth and Louise Bedford on her mission statement and living your life’s purpose.

Louise Bedford – Mindpower

In this inspiring segment, Louise opens up about her mission statement and how trading can liberate your life.

Are you ready to trade your fears for peace and anxiety for confidence?

Don’t let another year go by where you are drifting and not living your life’s mission.


Rik Schnabel – Life Coach

What exactly is the mindset of wealth and how can a person achieve it?

At 7.30 mins hear Rik on how it is the power of action and how you may slip and trip but can you stand up and learn from the mistake? It is your RECOVERY POSTURE which is going to set you straight, the stuff that can’t be taught in a lecture hall, but only through experience.

At 10 mins hear Rik talk about fragmented focus versus fixed focus and the power of understanding what you do and becoming master of one game.

At 15.25 mins hear about the power of the WHY which makes you CRY. A true motivator for you to pursue your dreams and the big enough reason to move beyond the mistakes and keep going forward.

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