Trading Highlights in 2017

Trading Highlights in 2017

Chris Tate walks around the markets in 2017 and tells you where the cash was made for trend followers. Louise Bedford asks what questions would you ask the most successful trader… stay tuned for your must-listen-to Talking Trading episode.


Louise Bedford – Mindpower

The questions you ask reveal who you are.

Just imagine you have the opportunity to have lunch with the most successful trader you can think of.

What would you ask?


Top performing markets in 2017 – Chris Tate

In the USA this year we continued to see the juggernaut that has built momentum post the GFC.

The Dow is up 22% SP 500 is up 17% and the Nasdaq is up 28%.

The US is in the reverse part of the cycle that Australia is in. In the US all money has gone into equities and not real estate. In Australia, all its money has poured into real estate investment and none has gone into equities.

In Australia the ASX was up 5% for the year, however, the index doesn’t give a true picture of what is happening. Out of the 200 stocks, 148 had a positive return.

In Hong Kong in spite of the political teething difficulties with the Chinese handover the markets haven’t suffered. The Hang Seng motored this year up by 32%.

European markets for 2017 have been lack-lustre.

Performances for all the indices came in a single chunk.

That is the thing about trend following… if you missed the chunk the year is over.

You can’t flitter… You must be a player all the time to choose the time to go in.

Advice to traders over the Christmas period, take an enforced break. The market will be there when you get back.


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