Macro Trading

Macro Trading
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US stocks continue to rise but the macro picture is awry. Greg looks at what is happening behind the scenes with The Fed, quantitative easing and consumer credit. Bitcoin is the word on everyone lips and gold could be a coiled spring. Hear Greg’s macro analysis and where he is looking for profit. Louise Bedford tells you to look deep in mindpower.


Greg Weldon – US Economy

The US macro economy is out of alignment.

Quantitative Easing saved the day for the US market but how long can it last?

Greg looks at US stocks going up on NO VOLUME, how The Federal Reserve is walking a tightrope and what raising interest rates means to the debt.

What does all this mean in the macro big picture?


The word everyone is talking about at the moment.

Will it ever substitute gold or silver as real money and where does it fit in the big picture?


Why Greg is calling gold a coiled spring and what he is seeing in the charts for it since 1999 to now.


The day after the ASX hit a 9-year high Greg spoke to me on Aussie stocks.

We hear his view on the metals and mining sector and where he is focused.


Greg calls 2018 the year of commodities.

Hear his thoughts on the energy sector, metals and grains.


Mindpower – Louise Bedford

The best traders are curious.

They have the ability to seek answers to their questions, to Google, to go deep.

Learn your craft and learn what is blocking you from your success.


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