Wall Street Master Trader Vic – Part 2

Wall Street Master Trader Vic – Part 2

Famous trader and financial commentator Victor Sperandeo, also known as Trader Vic, on the world’s political trends and what the central banks have done to the major economies of the world.


Victor Sperandeo

Are we living in a Tulip Bubble?

Trader Vic takes us through his economic view of markets around the world.

What are the world’s political trends?

Why are they the key to making money?

Why have Central Banks in the world pushed the envelope and created a MIRAGE where not a single price in the world is honest?

The system is unsustainable.

The creation of debt with low interest rates is unsustainable.

The markets are going up day after day, but on no volume.  People are buying into hype and air, but there are no fundamentals. Just like Tulip Mania during the Dutch Golden Age.

What could burst the bubble?

A geopolitical event or a bankruptcy of a major pension plan?

Hear Victor’s market predictions.

We also talk about his book Cra$hmaker A Federal Affaire – A Novel, where the villain is the chairman of the Federal Reserve who chose powerlust over integrity.

Finally Victor gives traders three pieces of advice.


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