Trading Five Percenters

Trading Five Percenters

Gil Ben Hur on being Zen in the markets and key mental tools. Chris Tate on the nature of mania and The South Sea Bubble.

Gil Ben Hur

Gil and I had a fantastic conversation on managing risk in an unexpected environment and key mental tools to use when trading.

Ever felt taking losses in trading is almost an inhuman task? Gil explains the psychology behind it (12.15 mins) and how we are all trained to be winners in life.

At (16.25mins) we talk on the hardest challenges for traders who work from home and don’t have the advantage of a professional trading environment. Traders have to be prepared to not know the outcome of their trades every day and that darn thing called the human ego gets in the way.

Gil then describes some key attributes of successful traders (17.45 mins).

You will love this part.

Gil says good traders are egoless, they have a ZEN personality, they have self-awareness, they are sensitive to the waves of the market they are riding, they are effective listeners of the market, and they approach the market with calmness and patience.

To find out more about Gil and The5ers trading and growth program go to:  Gil offers a program for traders who feel mature and ready to trade as professionals and for a fund.


Chris Tate – South Sea Bubble

With Corona Virus on the war path, Chris Tate takes a look at the history of mania and busts and the South Sea Bubble.






Louise Bedford – Unsung Hero

Our unsung hero today is Angus Mitchell.

Angus has had an amazing career as medico but he has never relied on the halo effect in his trading, consequently, he has developed an effective side hustle and a spring in his step.




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