Corona Markets

Corona Markets

Coronavirus has spread irrationality through the market. Hear Chris Tate’s wealth of experience on what to do in these mania type situations.

Chris Tate

The Coronavirus has spread into the markets and sent indexes plummeting.

But Chris says ‘Lunacy at the end of mania is a common occurrence.’ (5 mins)

These events are only an issue if you don’t have a trading plan. (8.30 mins)

Hear Chris’ wealth of experience at a time like this and what you should do to preserve your capital (11.55 mins) as well as the myriad of trading opportunities.

Chris looks at indices, oil and commodities and how not to play a fool’s game.


Louise Bedford – Unsung Hero

Hear how Adam Talbot has bought himself a one-way ticket out of Australia.

Because of his sterling results after completing our Trading Game Mentor Program, he’s gained freedom, travel, and financial serenity.

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