Alpha Trading 2

Alpha Trading 2

Savour Steven’s stories from 25 years experience on trading floors which highlight what you need to become a top-performing trader.

Louise Bedford Mindpower

Make sure the instrument you buy is marriage material.

We are looking to make sure everything we want is represented before we place money in it.

Do you have a checklist?  Do you have an archetype?


Steven GoldsteinSteven Goldstein

We talk on many topics in the second part of Steven’s interview starting with why most traders fail to change (4.05 mins).

As Daniel Kahneman 2002 Nobel Prize Winner in Economics said ‘We are blind to our blindness’.

We look at the power of keeping a trading journal, and if this doesn’t inspire you to keep one I don’t know what will.

Then we talk on PERFORMANCE GAPS (7.40mins), which are not market analysis but human behaviour based.

We touch on the importance of mentoring and a coach (11.05 mins) and your Tradar, invisible receptors on your head and how the market talks to people. (15 mins)

Hear about the Citibank dinner in Munich (17.28 mins) and finally hear some qualities of successful traders.

Be lulled into the world of the markets with Steven’s fantastic industry stories.

To find out more about Steven go to: or listen to the AlphaMind Podcast.

You can contact him through:

LinkedIn:  Steven Goldstein
Twitter: @AlphaMind101


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