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Alpha Trading

Get yourself in top trading shape for 2020 and listen to Steven Goldstein’s 25 years of experience as a trader at Credit Suisse, Commerze Bank and American Express. His trading lessons are fantastic. Louise Bedford in her Mindpower segment reframes losses so they are not failures.


Louise Bedford– Mindpower

Before you start trading, do you think how hard can it be?

But then you get some losses and they gather in momentum and they feel like failures?

Even professional traders fail a lot. Reframe those trading losses so that if you have followed your written trading plan you are one step closer to that big trading win.


Steven GoldsteinSteven Goldstein

Steven learned trading by being thrown in the deep end. He went on to gather 25 years experience on the banking floor.

Steven talks (at 8:10 mins) on the huge amount of effort it takes for a trader to develop. Just like learning to box or play the guitar, trading takes a high level of skill and personal development to be consistently profitable.

After all, if trading were easy everyone would be doing it.

Steven then shares how long it took him to become a really good trader in his career (12:00 mins) and the enormous value of a community of traders to create a support network (15:35 mins).

We talk on risk management (at 18:25 mins) and then we talk on losses (21:45 mins) and how even during Steven’s best trading periods he still had times where his confidence was undermined. After all, we are humans, not robots. 

To find out more about Steven go to: or listen to the AlphaMind Podcast.

You can contact him through:
LinkedIn:  Steven Goldstein
Twitter: @AlphaMind101


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