Freedom, Lifestyle and Legacy

Freedom, Lifestyle and Legacy

Take your financial journey to the next level with Matt Morrison, Chris Tate and Louise Bedford.

Louise Bedford– Mindpower

Do you feel you deserve a pay rise and that your boss should be increasing those bucks for your time?

You need to ask in the right way, here are specific instructions:

  1. Be exact with the amount you are asking
  2. Add 20% onto the amount you originally thought
  3. Ladies make sure you use cooperative language and that you also know you are worthy of a rise.

The more you can earn outside of trading is the more you can put aside for your trading equity.

Chris Tate – A Little Trading

Hear Chris’s simple and blunt answer on why liquidity in the markets is important.

Here is a snapshot: “If no one else wants it why do you?”




Matt Morrison

As Jim Rohn said ‘Formal education will make you a living, self-education will make you a fortune.’

Financial advisor Matt Morrison from The Practice has put his heart and soul and 1200 hours into writing a new book called Freedom Lifestyle and Legacy.

It is a step by step framework for financial success without the need to rely on financial advisors. It was Matt’s goal to take the ‘opaqueness’ out of the industry so that people have clear and accurate information to make better-informed decisions about their money.

Matt talks about the key financial mistakes he sees people make and solutions for them.

As Charlie Tremendous Jones once said ‘You will be the same person you are in five years except for the people you meet and the books you read.’

To buy Matt’s book Freedom Lifestyle and Legacy go to:


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