Bear Bull Traders

Bear Bull Traders

Listen to scalper Andrew Aziz and take to heart his lessons on the markets.

Louise Bedford Unsung Hero

Bruce Fenwick – you are ‘Mr Consistency’. You are happy to do without now so you have a better future.

You also realize what all great traders know, “if it is to be it is up to me”.


Andrew Aziz

Andrew Aziz is a day trader who describes himself as an engineer by training, a trader by profession, an adventurer by heart.

It is a good description of this young man who makes $1000 – $2000 per day trading.

Andrew is a ‘scalper’ who makes money out of the big moves in a short period of time.

He is the author of “How to Day Trade for a Living.”

After training as a chemical engineer Andrew became fascinated by the stock market. In 2016 he started Bear Bull Traders so he could create a community of traders.

Andrew reveals all in this interview (although I wish I had of asked more about his adventuring life).

He discusses the most embarrassing trading story where he committed the deadliest sin in trading and lost $7000 in one trade… publicly, with many people watching. Ouch.

(7.50 mins)

We discuss the psychological advice he gives to traders (9 mins).

Andrew goes through his daily routine (10.30 mins) and what qualities you need to be a good trader.

His final pieces of advice are:

  1. Fit trading in your life, don’t try and fit your life into trading
  2. Be in touch with a community of traders
  3. Successful traders are the ones that are winners outside of trading.

To find out more about Andrew go to: OR find him on social media OR email him at

He is more than happy to have a chat with everyone if you reach out to him.


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