Pandemic Trading with Chris Tate

Pandemic Trading with Chris Tate

COVID-19 is the pandemic of a generation and Chris Tate tells you how to protect yourself when the markets go from manic to panic.

Louise Bedford – Unsung Hero

Julia Osorio is a driving instructor and the mechanical attitude and way she teaches people to drive, has translated into her executing her trading plan in the same way, every single time.

In only 2 years Julia is trading like a pro.



Chris Tate

COVID-19 is the pandemic of a generation.

People have reacted with primitive fight or flight mechanisms and all rushed towards the door taking the markets into panic territory.

At 6.20 mins hear the old parable that says “Would you rather mistake a bear for a rock or a rock for a bear?” The correct answer is… a rock for a bear … because then you just look silly.

But people have seen a bear and mistaken it for a rock and the bear has run up to them growling.

The massive drop in markets has been the result.

Hear how Chris has protected himself in this environment (7.15 mins).

Then we ask Chris your most burning questions on how to navigate the market during this time.

At 9.12 mins hear about the VIX or as it is colloquially known ‘The fear gauge” and then at 12.32 mins hear how in any world economic shock such as 9/11, The GFC or COVID-19 a trader’s system should protect them.

At 13.10 mins hear CT explain indices and their upward bias and his emphatic reason for not shorting them and at 16.45 mins hear how the role of a system is to exclude the trader as much as possible..


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