Pandemic Trading 2 with Chris Tate

Pandemic Trading 2 with Chris Tate

Chris Tate answers your most burning trading questions on these Corona affected markets.

Chris Tate

CT talks on distractions while trading and whether he leaves his mobile phone in another room (5.10 mins).

We also ask what goes through his mind when he gets a signal in a choppy market and how he handles resistance to it (7.08 mins).

We discuss options writing and he talks on the BEHAVOURIAL GAP in trading, which is the difference between the profit you would have made and the profit you did make (10.20 mins).

He points out that traders pay IDIOT LEVIES for delays and efficiency gaps and that short- term traders need to be ‘Johnnie on the spot’.

His final piece of advice for these Corona affected markets (16 mins) – don’t try and trade the turn.


Louise Bedford – Mindpower

People who have a financial support network make 2-3% more per annum.

We need to support to keep us going because we all fall prey to our own psychology.

You will benefit more by being out of the market during the worst times.



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