Trading by the Tooth

Trading by the Tooth

Sharpen your dentures as this week’s episode looks at Trading Game Mentoree Lynda Croker’s journey. Hear how she made the snap decision to enter the markets and how she is in strong profit on her daily system, even after all of these years. Louise Bedford discuses Optimism Bias and she urges you to enjoy where you are right now and hear Chris Tate on how the Ginger Gibbon (aka Donald Trump) is affecting markets and what is trending.


chris_tate_expMarket Wrap

Until Hillary Clinton sees off the Ginger Gibbon in the election the US markets will stay stuck and by extension the Australian markets won’t move either.

The currency markets are trending with the drop in the pound despite an odd post Brexit bounce.

And commodity markets … are moving.

This past month has shown a spilt where you can be long the energy sector and short precious metals and be catching decent trends. Hear exactly what Chris is trading and his advice to traders this week.


Mindpower  Optimism Bias

We think the future will be easier brighter happier than where we are right now. However often things aren’t good as your anticipate.

Do you enjoy where you are at right now?

Enjoy your effort in learning about the markets, enjoy your struggle, enjoy those first few trades, enjoy the new identity. And cram your life with things you love.


lynda-crokerLynda Croker – Laughing Dentures

Lynda Croker has been trading the market for 15 years.

But it took a box of dentures to crack her into gear.

They were laughing at her.

It was Lynda’s snapping point and knew then she had to do something different from her job as a dental technician and find a way to earn money from home.  And she has… with her daily FX system up 25 R she is very profitable.

Trading has been a mirror for her… she always keeps learning and evolving….and even after 15 years on she feels like a novice. Her advice to new traders: Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.


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