Dream Home Trading

Dream Home Trading

Trading profits bought Cheryl Bittmann’s dream home in country Victoria. In this episode hear Cheryl’s trading story, why she started in the markets and how she outperforms  ‘the professionals’. Louise Bedford tells the importance of sharing your vision and Chris Tate gives a wrap of the markets.


chris_tate_expMarket Wrap

Until the circus leaves town on November 8 the USA not much is moving in the US or Australian markets.

Hear what Chris says about precious metals and energies and the USD/CAD.


Share Your Vision – Louise Bedford

Are you cramming your life with the things that you love?

What do you see – what does your heart sing for – what grabs you?

And have you transmitted that vision to your spouse and children?

Louise shares the story of her son Ryan when he was 7 years old and what he knew the Mentor Program meant for other children his age.


CherylCheryl Bittmann

Cheryl Bittmann has to pinch herself sometimes.

Fed up handing her money and control over to financial advisors who  stripped her with fees Cheryl completed Trading Game mentor program to give her control of her money and she now consistently outperforms these ‘professionals’.

Cheryl and her partner recently bought a large part of her dream home in country Victoria from her trading profits.

She is moving onto her next big goal in sight…. Europe.

Her advice to new traders is to be patient. It takes a while to learn how to trade well. At the beginning they system is shiny and new…  it takes time… trust your system.


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