12 Lies of the Imposter Complex

12 Lies of the Imposter Complex

Are you suffering feelings of self-doubt? The Imposter Complex is the beast between you and your dreams. It needs intervention… it has to go. Listen to this week’s interview with Leadership Coach Tanya Geisler as she walks through the 12 lies of Imposter Complex and 12 reframes of thought so you can own your authority and step into your confidence.



Tanya GeislerTanya Geisler Leadership Coach

The Imposter Complex shows up in areas that deeply matter to you, in places you are looking to expand. It wants you afraid, shut down, out of action and not trusting your capacity. Here are 12 Lies the Imposter Complex likes to whisper inside your head and 12 reframes of thoughts to move into your authentic confidence.

1. Your self-doubt is proof of your inadequacy.

Feeling the Imposter Complex is proof you are high functioning, conscientious, and have values of excellence. Reframe: Self doubt is proof of your humanity not your inadequacy.

2. Successful people don’t experience this.

People at the top of their game know the sting of the Imposter Complex. It is like a travelling companion. Reframe: The trick is to not allow it to shut you down.

3. You are all or nothing.

You are either a complete success or you are a raging failure. Reframe: But the truth is always closer to the best-case scenario.

4. You have nothing useful valid enduring to say.

When we believe this lie we say nothing. We don’t communicate and we pass up on growth learning and connection. Reframe: Your people want to hear it your way.

5. You must not tell anyone this.

Imposter Complex pays you hush money. The truth is many more people are experiencing what you are. Reframe: Your job is to actually name it.

6. You must tell everyone about this.

Let me point out all the things I did wrong. We need to discernment on how much to share and how little to share. Reframe: Just stand your sacred ground.

7.You are not ready yet.

Imposter Complex is pointing to the fact you may be ready one day but just not yet. No one was ever fully ready for anything. Reframe: Do it. You are ready enough

8. You are never going to be able to pull off it again.

You perceive your talents skills abilities are a finite resource. The one hit wonder gave into the Imposter Complex. Reframe: The stars were aligned and will so be again as long as you bring your skills and will to the table.

9. It is just a matter of time before it will call crumble beneath us.

We feel serene relaxed grateful for how good life is and we realize we have let our guard down. We PANIC.  Reframe. What if the other shoe was NOT about to drop?

10. You can’t trust the praise of others

Dare to believe someone when they tell you how remarkable you truly are.  Reframe: Say the two words most feared by the Imposter Complex – Thank you.

11.You are going to have fake it until you make it.

It is a well-intended strategy but it is colludes with our already distorted view of imposter hood. Rooting what is authentic about yourself. Reframe: You actually don’t need to fake a thing.

12. Asking for help is only for suckers

The Imposter Complex likes you isolated. Asking for help means you are serious about your success. Reframe: Your people WANT YOU To Succeed. Let them help you.

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