Blueprint to Wealth

Blueprint to Wealth

How to be an empowered investor and beat every active mutual fund.

Protect your nest egg with this week’s episode. Gary Stone author of Blueprint to Wealth discusses the massive underperformance of mutual funds and how everyday investors can accrue millions more profit over their working life by investing in ETFs and Index Funds.  You don’t need to be a share trader…. you just need good common sense…. and 15 minutes every three months. Also hear Louise Bedford assure you that a little more pressure and education will turn you into a trading diamond.


Mindpower – Louise Bedford – Act As If

If you act the way you want to feel your feelings will follow.

 Action precedes feeling.

You want to be a better trader then do the things that fantastic traders do.

You may not be a trading diamond yet but you are a wonderful piece of coal. A bit of extra pressure, education and focus then you will become the trader you are meant to be.


gary-louiseBlueprint to Wealth – Gary Stone

Everybody can be an investor.

Everybody can beat EVERY active mutual fund.

Everyone can retire on a large nest egg.

Gary bookBut the active mutual funds industry doesn’t want you to believe that otherwise they lose money in fees. So they make it sound hard… they spread myths…they give incomplete information about your money and say you can’t manage it yourself.

Gary Stone’s interview proves the exact opposite is true. You can manage your nest egg yourself and be millions of dollars better off when you retire.

There are major 2 reasons Active Mutual Funds underperform:

  1. Fee Fleecing
  2. Diversification

These two aspects combined means over the term of your working life you are losing millions of dollars through the power of compounding. A 32 year old starting with $40 000 and planning to retire at 67 and contributing $6 000 per year will forfeit 53% of their nest egg or 1.5 million dollars through fees and diversification.

Einstein said ‘The power of compounding was the 8th wonder of the world. And those who understand it earn it and those that don’t pay it.’

Research repeatedly proves that the majority of mutual funds cannot match let alone beat the stock market indices over any period of time. Index Funds and ETF’s are the solution for the everyday investor and you don’t need to be a share trader.

A long-term strategy taking 15 minutes every 3 months is enough to ensure you grow your nest egg. Hear how Gary has set his 27 year old daughter in the ASX 20 ETF and which other ETFs he recommends to investors. Also hear how to protect yourself from a bear market.

To buy a copy of a Blueprint to Wealth go to: BlueprinttoWealth


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