Top Dog Trading

Top Dog Trading

Dr Barry Burns on his trading methodology and where new traders go wrong.

In this week’s episode, be inspired with Dr Barry Burns’s passion for the markets as he shares his secrets and techniques of 49 years experience.  Also hear how the commodity markets are bullish… and which ones are on the rise from Chris Tate.


chris_tate_expMarket Wrap

The Commodity markets are moving with silver and palladium leading the pack, meantime the pound has been pounded post Brexit.

Hear how Chris is maneuvering in this volatile climate.


Barry BurnsDr Barry Burns – Top Dog Trading

Barry Burns’ passion for trading started at 8 years old when his father introduced him to the market.

He had a knack.

He could make money easily.

Mentors took his talent under their wings and passed on their secrets to him.

And Barry passes on some of his secrets over 49 years to you in this interview.

Hear how he is an expert at catching the first half cycle of a market where his win to loss ratio is extremely high, how he preserves his capital once he is in a position and how he watches the smart money in the markets.

In Barry’s experience there are 2 major issues, which keep traders from being successful.

  1. The timing of entries and exits
  2. Momentum.

Hear what he has to say about them and how new traders can adjust their approach.

People can go to find out more about Barry at:

To sign up for his free 5 day course go to:

Also go to Youtube and type in Top Dog Trading.


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