Are you feeling lack lustre and unenthused by life? Listen to this week's episode to give your the pep up you need.


Hear from Dr Barry Burns on the psychology of trading and Louise Bedford on enthusiasm.

Hear the power of enthusiasm in this week’s episode as Dr Barry Burns joins us for part 2 of his interview on the psychology of trading. Hear why he is passionate about trading and why Louise Bedford believes enthusiasm is a conscious choice for you to make in order to succeed in the markets.

Barry Burns

Dr Barry Burns has been trading the markets for nearly 50 years.

He knows the pitfalls of the markets and where traders get stuck in their psychology.

Hear how he teaches his traders to overcome their psychological challenges with a detailed outline of his trading log and the black and white mirror of evidence it provides of your behavioural patterns.

Also find out why he is passionate about trading and what it has given him in life.

To find out more about Barry go to: www.topdogtrading.com

To sign up for his free 5 day course go to: topdogtrading.com/free.html

Also go to youtube and type in Top Dog Trading.

Bedford_06_white-bgand… Mindpower with Louise Bedford

Top performers are not rich because they are chasing a buck… they are rich because of the intense enthusiasm for their craft.


It is a decision.

A conscious choice.

If you are doing something without being under the spell of intense enthusiasm your chances of achieving success are very limited. When Louise encounters traders who aren’t enthusiastic she knows they won’t make it in the markets.

Conversely she has seen so many changes in the lives of enthusiastic Mentorees and the positive ripple effect in their lives.

Go forth be enthusiastic.