Tinker Tailor Trader

Tinker Tailor Trader

To tinker or not to tinker? Just how much should you play with your trading plan? In this episode hear the only times Chris Tate revises his trading plan and his daily routine of exercise, trading and finding those moments of ‘Zen.’  Our options expert Evan McQuire shares his story with Mentoree Carmel Stobbe and the life changing moments when trades go the right way for Mentorees.

Chris Tate

Before you go full time as a trader there are a few things to be on the look out for before you take the leap.  Here are some of them:

‘The devil makes work for idle hands.’

A fine line exists between tinkering with your trading plan and making necessary adjustments.

Tinkering with your trading plan comes from boredom.

A trading system is not designed to tell you when to trade it is designed to tell you WHEN NOT TO TRADE.

As the Japanese say ‘no action is an action,’ and a good trader knows this.

Chris Tate revises his trading system only after a series of very, very BIG WINS. He looks at what he could have done better, and what he could have simplified with the process to make his interaction with the market cleaner.

Another issue which catches full time traders is working alone and finding meaningful and fulfilling outlets of contacts and purpose.

In this interview hear Chris Tate’s daily routine; how long does he trade each day, how much does he exercise, how important are those Zen moments? And why one of the qualities Chris has seen with people who can trade is that they are comfortable to say ‘This is me.’


Louise Bedford and Chris Tate have known Evan McQuire for over a decade. He is their ‘go to bloke’ when it comes to making money from options. In this interview hear Evan’s life changing option story with mentoree Carmel Stobbe.

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