Piranha Trading

Piranha Trading

In 2008 Adam Khoo was ranked among the top 25 richest Singaporeans under the age of 40. This interview shares his trading methodology, psychology and the wisdom of his grandfather.

Louise Bedford Mindpower

Louise loves doing yoga and trading is a lot like yoga.

Those repetitive basics you do again and again to make tiny incremental improvements.

Hear how Louise loves to base her identity on being a trader.

Adam Khoo

Adam’s career in the markets started in childhood when his grandfather gave him share certificates to invest for Chinese New Year.

It was the beginning of an investment journey, which has evolved from fundamental analysis to technical and a confidence in a trading methodology with a proven statistical edge.

In this interview we discuss:

  • Adam’s trading strategy and techniques in stocks and FX
  • The importance of rigorous testing of your system to give you the confidence in the markets
  • How long term profits in the markets come down to your system’s statistical edge
  • Money management and how he maintains his psychological equipoise in the markets
  • The way he looks at his trading in terms of a business
  • How discipline in the markets is EVERYTHING.

Finally we hear just how wise Adam’s grandfather was with his finances.

To learn more about Adam Khoo’s stock and forex trading strategies, check out his Piranha Profits trading courses or register for his free webinars today.

IFTA Conference

Chris Tate and Louise Bedford are presenting at the IFTA conference in Malaysia October 26 – 28.

IFTA is International Federation of conference of Technical analysts.

If you want to tap into an international community of technical analysts find out more by googling IFTA or book in at www.IFTA.org

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