Dr Happy 2

Dr Happy 2

What traits do the successful exhibit? Dr Tim Sharp aka Dr Happy hears inside the minds of achievers every day and he shares some of the recurring habits and traits that carry people to the top. Louise Bedford shares on which quotes capture her imagination and Chris Tate discusses how to kick start a small account.

Louise Bedford Mindpower

Find out which quotes inspire Louise Bedford and why.



Chris Tate in A Little Trading

Learn how to kick-start a small trading account.



Dr Happy Part 2

Psychologists have found time and time again that successful people tell themselves things on a daily basis.

They exhibit recurring habits and patterns of thought.

Here are some of them discussed by Dr Happy in this interview:

1.Get started even though you might fail

The author Jodi Picoult said, “You can edit a bad page, but you can’t edit a blank page”.

Successful people are able to just do.

2. Plan for obstacles not failure

Successful people know that obstacles will arise so they master skill sets that prepare them for the worst.

3. Know your intelligence type

Historically we have focused only on IQ but there are many forms of intelligence.

Find your own intelligence and work best to define that.

4. Be open, curious and willing to learn

The wisest people realise they don’t know much at all and successful people are on the look out for what they don’t know.

5. Forget your competition

The successful focus on those things that they have control.

6. Never Forget why you started

Successful people look for meaning and purpose.

Go back to what you were passionate about when you were younger and look to your heroes, they represent something in you.

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