The Ugly Truth of Trading Mindset Crimes

The Ugly Truth of Trading Mindset Crimes


Get the expert wrap on why the Aussie market is stuck in a sideways band but at the same time the US market is performing.

What has caused the lull in our markets and what do we need to swoop us higher? Hear what Chris is trading and his advice for traders this week.


Adrienne Toghraie

Internationally renown trading coach and best selling author Adrienne Toghraie shares The Ugly Truth of Trading Mindset Crimes and how to cultivate a winner’s state of mind.

With over 24 years of experience training elite professionals, Adrienne explains why taking losses in the markets is so damn hard and how you can beat the cesspool of self-sabotage. Find out what elite performers do to achieve the results they desire.

I know you want to find out more about Adrienne. Go to her website: right now to see how she can give you fantastic free trading resources so you can perform at your peak. Adrienne’s coaching is world acclaimed.

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Louise Bedford – Mindpower

Start with the end in mind and make decisions not from where you are now but from where you want to be. Success is a combination of thinking the right way and doing the right things.



Trivia and Opportunity International

Also hear about the highest paid share of stock in history in Trading Trivia and get the news of our target success with Opportunity International (our favourite charity).



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