Boom! The Budget Bang – How does it affect your hip pocket?

fist holding $80 in Australian currency

This episode tells you how the federal budget is going to affect you, your family and your trading. Plus Chris Tate’s history of The South Sea Bubble shows that there really is nothing new under the trading sun.

Jason Cunningham

Accountant and TV star (The Living Room – TEN Network) Jason Cunningham gives us the ins and outs and the highs and lows of the Federal Budget.

How it will affect Australians, what Jason agreed with, what he didn’t, and his opinions on what is great in our country and what drives him bananas. Informative, fun and energetic – when was the last time someone told you to be good to be mother?


Did you know? – With Chris Tate

Take a walk inside Chris Tate’s mind in his Did you know? segment with these facts come market lesson on The South Sea Bubble.

While many modern traders believe they are seeing things for the first time, hear the similarities between the South Sea Bubble three centuries ago and the Tech Wreck 10 years ago. To be a great trader Chris emphasizes you must be a student of the markets and know that there really is nothing new under the trading sun.


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