Dr Harry’s Hair Raising Profits Over Coffee

Dr Harry’s Hair Raising Profits Over Coffee

This episode will have you delving into your psychology with Dr Harry and growing up by giving back. Hear the power of microcredit lending and why traders who give more – make more. Find out what our markets did last week and which is the oldest stock exchange in the USA.

Dr Harry Stanton

Louise Bedford and Chris Tate travel to Tasmania to interview the legendary psychologist trader and peak performance coach Dr Harry Stanton. You won’t want to miss it.

Take a sneak peak into Harry’s wisdom on the psychology for success in the markets and why Chris Tate thinks the markets never change and people are afraid of their own psychology.

If you want to learn more from Dr Harry and you’re serious about making money as a trader, grab a copy of the Mind Power Profit Pack. There are only 13 Mind Power Profit Packs left at the introductory price, so click here right now to find out more.



Although the US market closed on a record high last Friday, our markets stayed subdued with the ASX 200 sitting between 5400 – 5500 points. Can we move and bust through those levels this week? Find out which sectors were hot and cold and what advice Evan gives traders this week.

Evan is a guest commentator with the Trading Game Mentor Program and if you have any questions about options, he would love to hear from you. You can email him at: emcquire@phillipcapital.com.au. His phone number is 02 9233 9616.


Mentoree Richard Fakhry

Opportunity International spokesman Richard Fakhry gives us the low down on microcredit lending and Trading Game’s goal of raising $15,000 by 1st June 2014.

Hear how microcredit works by giving a hand up not a hand out and Chris Tate’s views on why traders who give more, end up making more in the market. Can we make the target and change people’s lives forever in the third world?


Trading Trivia

Hear about the oldest stock exchange in the USA.




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