The Slight Edge

The Slight Edge

In this episode of Talking Trading, peak-performance trading coach extraordinaire – Dr Harry Stanton – explores the book The Slight Edge by Jeff Olsen and discusses how more traders can use it to bring success. Plus, hear from Louise Bedford as she explains that trading is the gift you give yourself.


harry louise chrisDr. Harry Stanton

Millionaires have all mastered one secret.

They all understand the power of the slight edge.

What is the slight edge?

It is the triumph over the mundane.

Simple productive actions repeated consistently over time.

Successful people understand the power of the slight edge… unsuccessful people do not.

As traders you are always to be more, grow more and have more. But in reality very few people are not living up to their potential. We look at why don’t more people use the slight edge?

  1. The simple things in life are easy to do but they are also not easy to do. Successful people and successful traders use discipline.
  2. The results between success and failure are subtle, sometimes you can’t see or recognize it during the process. By the time you get the feedback the real work is already done.
  3. The small goals may seem insignificant. Some people think what they do right now doesn’t matter. Set yourself goals and break them into smaller sub-goals.


Louise Bedford – Mindpower

Trading is a Gift

Trading is the gift you give yourself.

It is the gift that can bring you rewards to change your life.



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