Want to Have Some Fun?

Want to Have Some Fun?

In this episode we explore our notions of FUN and PLAY and power of finding novelty with best-selling author Ian Bogost. Plus hear from Louise Bedford in her Mindpower segment about how it might be in your best romantic interest to employ a cleaner.


Ian Bogost – Author of ‘Play Anything’

Do you remember that feeling of exploring something new and revelling in the delight of the unknown?

Author Ian Bogost suggests that this is real FUN – the discovery of something new and novel.

And it requires work and effort.

To play a game of tennis or have a night out with your friends you have to do the work and commit to the experience and activity. It is not simply pleasure – it is the deep process of mining or extracting something new.

That is FUN.

We have come to misunderstand that fun means enjoyment without effort.

That doesn’t mean if you watch 10 hours of Netflix you can’t enjoy it. … but be serious about your sloth. If you are unpacking the dishwasher look carefully at what you are doing with deep attention to the task.

It takes humility to have fun. When you are not worried about your expectations you can allow the amusement and ENJOY.



Louise Bedford – Mindpower

Get a cleaner and have more sex

Working families are always short of time.

Where can you delegate tasks so you are freed up to play A game?

Guys and gals it might be in your best romantic interest to employ your way out of this situation.


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