Networking Secrets of the Wealthy

Networking Secrets of the Wealthy
Exchanging business cards at conference

In this ‘must listen to’ Talking Trading episode, you’ll hear accountant Jason Cunningham and trader-extraordinaire Louise Bedford on the magic of meeting people face-to-face to expand your wealth. Plus learn about the importance of doing what you love so that you’ll live your trader’s life.


Networking Secrets of the Wealthy

Being a trader or a business owner can be very isolating.

It can feel like you are working in a vacuum and stuck in your habits.

Sometimes just getting out the door and meeting like-minded people is all the difference you need for success.

“You will be the same person you are today in 5 years except for the books you read and the people you meet.” Zig Ziglar.

By surrounding yourself with like-minded entrepreneurs and traders you are providing yourself with synergy and support. The magic of meeting people face to face has the potential of expanding your world and your wealth.

If you set the intention to attend some events over the next 12 months then you won’t be stuck at home feeling uninspired and in the same old patterns as last year.

Hear Jason’s and Louise’s perspective on events and the three top tips they have learnt over the years at events to get the most out from them.

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Mindpower – Do What You Love

How often can you truly say that you are doing what you love?

Unless you can say that 50% of the time you will feel unfulfilled.

If you are not where you are exactly where you need to be – what are your action steps? What are you doing to plan your escape… so you can live the trader’s life.






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