The Freedom Trader – Part 2

The Freedom Trader – Part 2

Hear Terry Tran interviewed on what the markets have given him and the way he invests. Plus, listen to Chris Tate on a wrap of the markets and the latest opportunities for you.

Chris Tate Market Wrap

The US market got stage fright end of last week as the man babies of North Korea and The States threaten each other, while gold is currently slipping.

Oil continues to be static as its relevancy as an industrial element is being questioned while the pound has been strong against its counterparties.

Hear which opportunities Chris is looking at this week.

Terry Tran Part 2

Kayaking with hump back whales.

Swimming with manta rays.

Shark caging in South Africa.

These are some of the things Terry Tran has been able to do because of trading.

The share market has given him FREEDOM.

After learning from some of the best investors in the world Terry is a leading fund manager.

We look at some of the psychological hurdles holding traders’ back and some of Terry’s biggest trading errors – overleverage, letting tax drive his decision making and being in a rush.

We also hear what a typical day looks like for Terry, how he invests and his percentage profits.

To find out more about Terry go to to download a free 10-step stock checklist.

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