The Art of Pyramiding

The Art of Pyramiding

Hear Chris Tate’s strategy on pyramiding and why sitting on your hands is sometimes the best advice. Louise Bedford compares trading to other moneymaking ventures and its return on investment in all areas of your life.


chris_tate_expPyramiding – Chris Tate

Pyramiding in the markets is counter intuitive strategy of adding more money to a winning position. As your position increases in profit, you buy more.

So… is pyramiding working at the moment?

You’ll be surprised when you hear Chris Tate’s answer. Normally Chris Tate is an aggressive pyramider but because trends don’t have a pattern of longevity, he has altered his trading approach slightly.

Chris’s advice is as a trader you don’t always have to be ‘doing something’. If there is a secret to trading it could just be….SIT ON YOUR HANDS and let the trend find its own rhythm.


Bedford_06_white-bgOpportunities Are Everywhere

Good traders are action takers… but sometimes it is hard to decide which moneymaking opportunities you should follow.

This is how Louise evaluates trading in comparison with other opportunities.

1.Return on investment over 12 months.

Louise suggests people break even in 12 months of trading and gather education and accumulate experience.

2. Investment over the medium to long term.

Trading is a ‘HELL YES’, especially as you get support from the Mentor Program. With the Mentor Program Louise gives your potential chances of succeeding a 10 out 10.

3. Personal development.

Your level of income will rarely exceed your level of self-development and as the markets act as a mirror they show you if you like what you see. With the Mentor Program your chances are 10 out 10 of achieving personal growth.

4. Lifestyle

What do you want with your lifestyle? Trading offers you a 10 out 10 on lifestyle.

5. Emotional well being

How does what you are doing impact your heart and your family? Trading frees up your time and wallet to pursue meaning elsewhere.

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