Autonomy and Independence

Autonomy and Independence

In this episode of Talking Trading Louise Bedford shares what she prizes in trading above all else, Chris Tate reveals what he likes to chew over in his mind and mentoree Anastasia Bonython discusses her trading journey. Plus Jono looks at the markets and what is moving.


Market Wrap – Jono Barratt

With the Dow at record levels there is more confidence in international markets which could filter through to Australia.

In commodity markets oil is under pressure due to the glut, iron ore has moved higher, and gold has had a terrific move but is under pressure.

Hear where Jono recommends you look for the money.


Mindpower – Autonomy

What do you prize in life?

Louise Bedford treasures AUTONOMY.

If you are sick of working for other people’s dreams bring trading into your life. There are no rich critics and you can either be liked by all or you can be rich. Nobody gets to be both. Grow a thick skin and live the trader’s life.


chris_tate_expChris Tate Blog

What fascinates Chris Tate?

What does he like to chew over in his mind?

It is the psychological, emotional and identity issues trading throws up for people. It fascinates him so much he writes a lot about it in blog.

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Mentoree Anastasia Bonython

Anna craved the autonomy of the markets.

Having worked in the public sector in a past life and private enterprise she wanted the independence and flexibility of the markets.

But with a half-baked trading plan she knew she was spinning wheels and losing money. So she decided to find successful people and emulate them. In the Mentor Program she found Louise Bedford and Chris Tate share their intellectual property and give access to their combined 50 years of experience and knowledge. As well as getting access to other experienced traders who share their knowledge.

The hardest part of trading for Anna was realizing the cost of a lack of a good trading education for 20 years.


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