The Markets Have Gone Mad

The Markets Have Gone Mad
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In this week’s episode of Talking Trading Chris Tate looks at the impact of technology on trading and why he is more profitable now than 20 years ago. In a few words he also defines trading as – Right Market, Right Time, Right Instrument.

Michelle Brunacci, a 2015 Mentoree, shares her trading journey and the two surprises she has learnt along the way and Louise Bedford asks if this is your best work?


Bedford_06_white-bgMindpower – Is this your best work?

Years ago when Louise had a real job managing people she used to ask them “Is your best work?”

How can you improve and find new ways of approaching life so you feel fulfilled?

Ask yourself “Have I done what I set out to do today?”


chris_tate_expThe Markets Have Gone Mad

If Chris Tate was define trading in a few words it would be:

‘Right market – right time – right instrument”

But it is something that traders get wrong all the time.


Chris and Louise are running a one day workshop The Markets Have Gone Mad in Sydney on August 7 and Melbourne on August 21 to discuss exactly how to find those pockets of money sitting in the market.

In this interview Chris also looks at how trading has changed over 20 years with the impact of technology and why he is more profitable now than then in the old days.


Michelle Brunacci – Mentoree of 2015

When Michelle came across the Mentor Program she knew it was a way to learn how to trade properly.

After years winning and losing money and feeling unsure why she did make money she knew she needed proper education.

After getting over her fear of Louise and Chris thinking she was dopey for not knowing anything about trading she now feels confident she has the tools to make money.

Her surprises in trading:

  1. You don’t need to know anything about technical analysis to begin with, it is not the big deal you think it is. You do learn it as you go along.
  2. The importance of psychology.


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