The Answer – Part 2

The Answer – Part 2

How many times do you get the opportunity to listen to one of the world’s best-selling authors and speakers and hear their secrets of success, how they pulled themselves up from the toughest time in their life to recreate themselves bigger and better?

In this episode Allan Pease continues his personal story on how he lost everything only to recreate it on a larger scale and survive not one but two diagnoses of cancer. He gives more detail on how to create your dreams and find your greatness. Louise Bedford shares the same Intense Enthusiasm in Mindpower and the power of deliberate cultivation of your craft.


Allan PeaseAllan Pease

Allan lives a life of passion everyday.

In school Allan’s teacher said to him ‘Your career is going to be as a professional smart arse’.

And that is exactly what he is…. but he uses it to benefit other people’s lives.

He learned positivity and communication skills to work his way out of housing commission as a child to be a millionaire by the age of 30.

By the age of 40 he built an international empire in the Body Language series. He was an internationally acclaimed author and consulted to royalty, rock stars and prime ministers.

But he lost it all.

He went into debt and also got diagnosed with 2 types of cancer. When he pulled himself out of depression 3 years later he went on to become the biggest selling author of non-fiction in the world with the Why Men Don’t Listen and Women Can’t Read Maps series.

In this interview find out the biggest difference between millionaires and billionaires, the importance of following your passion and the way to uncover your greatness.

Everyone has greatness in them.

What are the things you love so much that you would do them for them for FREE?  Once you do know what you want to VISUALISE it in pictures, in as much detail as possible. And once it is CRYSTAL CLEAR it will start to manifest.


Mindpower – Louise Bedford

Intense Enthusiasm

Mick Jagger runs 5km a day.

At 73 years old he says if he doesn’t run that far per day he doesn’t have the energy for his performances.

He is worth 360 million dollars.

He also trained as an accountant and is frugal. When his band was on tour he stopped the unnecessary expense of buying new combs every time they travel. That is the level of focus he brings to his life.

Top performers who are ridiculously successful are rich not because they are chasing a buck but because of the intense enthusiasm they have for their craft.

If you are doing something without being under the spell of intense enthusiasm your chances of achieving success are limited.

It is a decision … you fuel it … you fan its flames.

Louise is enthusiastic about trading and what it means for Mentorees. She has seen the changes in Mentorees lives and has seen the ripple effect of trading into their families and she can’t but help feel enthusiastic.

The ones that have achieved greatness are the ones who feel at a deep level in their heart an intense enthusiasm for their craft.


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