2016 Highlights

2016 Highlights

Well… it’s the finale for the year. Come and take a walk down memory lane for a hit of inspiration from each of our special guests during 2016. Hear the pearls of wisdom from Market Wizards Mark D Cook, Tom Basso and Jack Schwager. Remember the insights from charting legend Peter L Brandt and the wisdom from our many life coaches, authors, speakers and financial experts.

What was that options story with Market Wizard Mark D Cook?

What is Market Wizard Tom Basso’s sweet spot of investment psychology?

How does a billionaire run their day?

And what did many guests like Allan Pease, The Hon. Sandra Nori, Tom Corley and Barbara Stanny say about pursuing your dreams?

Come and be ready to feel inspired.

From all the gang at Talking Trading, including Caroline Stephen, Chris Tate and Louise Bedford – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

We’ll be back next year on February 1st – ready to bring you the latest about the markets, and more interviews with top traders from around the world.


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