The Answer

The Answer

Find out what drives success in today’s episode of Talking Trading.  Allan Pease speaks about his new best-selling book The Answer and scientific research into the brain’s ability to create success. We also hear Allan’s personal story when disaster struck and he turned failure into the ultimate success rebuilding his life bigger and better. Author Gary Stone also speaks to Louise Bedford about his life-changing book Blueprint to Wealth and how to invest for the long term.


Allan PeaseAllan Pease

Inspirational gurus and internationally acclaimed authors and Allan and Barbara Pease have written a new best-seller The Answer – a combination of humour, personal stories and hard science on the Reticular Activating System (RAS).

Understanding how the RAS works can enable you to get virtually anything you want in life.  According to Allan the most important thing to drive success is:

Use pictures in your mind for things you DO want to happen.

But the very simple trick is to:

Think only about WHAT you are going to do, not HOW.

In Allan’s hilarious way he shares deep, personal stories on his how he lost everything only to rebuild it Bigger and Better using his RAS.

By the mid 1990’s Allan and Barbara were acclaimed authors of Body Language.  But with one bad business decision they lost it all.

They went into 3 million dollars of debt.

Allan suffered severe depression and blamed himself. He asked how could he be depressed when he was a motivational speaker? He decided to make a change.

He QUIT being negative.

He would never again think about what did go wrong and started to only think what they could do. Allan and Barbara decided to make a big comeback.

Within 4 years they were the biggest selling authors in the world.

Hear how he used his RAS and the power of goal setting to rebuild his life bigger and better.


gary-louiseGary Stone

Blueprint to Wealth teaches people how to invest for the long term. It shows how a small return makes a massive difference.

The cost of fees and diversification compounded over the long term turns into hundreds of thousands of dollars by age of retirement.

To check out Gary’s new and life-changing book go to


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